White Subway Tile

It’s always fun to see tile trends evolve. The concept of White Subway tile classic, but has has been getting a texture and size change up lately. “Subway Tile” has become the widely used term for most rectangular tiles and most commonly refers to the glossy white 3×6 ceramic tile similar to what was used in New York City subways like in the photo below.

New York Subway

New York Subway Tile (Credit: New York Times)

Today we want to show you some newer lines that include glossy white in interesting sizes and finishes.

Artistic Tile’s Kyoto comes in several colors, in a 2” x9.5” size.

Kyoto White

Kyoto White

Kyoto was the perfect choice for the kitchen backsplash on this project where we collaborated on the interior design and all of the tile and stone installation.

Schoolhouse Kitchen

Schoolhouse Kitchen

Vida from AKDO  has a more matte finish and is heavily textured. Shown here in Paloma Herringbone, this series is also available in a striking 6”x20” Field Tile.

Products by Bridgeport Tile, Stone & Countertops AKDO

Manhattan is a brand new line from Artistic Tile which has a larger 4”x12” size. The surface is heavily undulated so that it will reflect a lot of light and create visual interest in a solid field of tile.
Manhattan White

Manhattan White – (Credit Artistic Tile)

Manhatttan Pearl Grey Smoke

Manhatttan Pearl Grey Smoke – (Credit: Artistic Tile)

AKDO’s Origin ceramic comes in two sizes, a 2.5”x10.5” and a longer 2.5”x15.75” and in glossy and matte finishes. In addition to white, there is also a very pale grey called Ash in the assortment which makes a great off-white option.

Eclectic Spaces by Bridgeport Tile, Stone & Countertops AKDO

As you can imagine, these lines feature other colors besides white, but with white kitchens and bathrooms being as popular as they are, I wanted to show you the white subway tile options all at once to help you focus. I promise we’ll show you the rest of these lines soon!

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