Picking Granite

How to Determine The Quality Of Granite

Not all granite is of equal quality. Purchasing granite for your home is a life time investment, and you shouldn’t settle for second rate. Here are some tips for determining the quality of the granite slab you pick out:

  1. Look for cracks in the slab. Cracks can be a sign of a poor quality slab of granite.
  2. Look for pits and holes in the granite. Low-quality granite will have more holes, as well as larger ones.
  3. Look for unevenness in the granite. A good granite slab will have an even thickness.
  4. With a white cloth, rub acetone onto a piece of granite. If color appears on the white cloth it indicates a dyed, lower quality granite.
  5. With a coin, scrape the granite surface. If it scratches, then the granite has not received a quality polishing job.