Picking the Right Backsplash for your Kitchen

Grey & White Backsplash

Grey & White Backsplash

The backsplash is the portion of your kitchen wall that your countertop touches. It protects your wall from food, grease or other liquids that may get splashed or spilled against the wall.

While protecting your kitchen wall from getting stained by contaminants, a backsplash is so much more than that. It can really help to finish off a kitchen and blend the various elements of your design.


What types of things should you consider when picking the right backsplash for your kitchen?

  1. Picking the Color – Pick a color tile that will complement the other colors in your kitchen. Consider the color of your cabinets and countertops, trying not to fight with each other. They should be appealing to the eye and not too dark or too light.
  2. Tile Material – Again, you’ll want to pick a tile material that will blend with your kitchen. There are many different types to pick from. Consult your European Marble and Granite representative for ideas and suggestions. They have a lot of experience helping homeowners get just the right material.
  3. Tile size – Make sure to select the right size of tile for your kitchen. Going with really large tiles in a smaller kitchen can be overpowering to the kitchen.
  4. Grout Color – Select a grout color that will help to blend your overall kitchen look and feel. Grout color should help to bring the backsplash tiles and countertops together.
  5. Keep it Simple – You don’t want your backsplash to be too busy. Try to keep it neutral, so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the kitchen.

Give one of the European Marble and Granite representatives a call to assist you in the important planning process to achieve your ultimate kitchen.

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