Mixing Marbles – Master Bathroom and Fireplace

We get asked a lot if it’s a good or bad idea to mix multiple types of stone. The answer is that it is a personal design preference, but that it can be done successfully and beautifully with some planning and the right stones. This master bathroom project uses four different types of marble: Palisandro Bluette, Thassos, Statuary, and Carrara. The design is successful because Thassos is such a clean pure white marble; Carrara is similar enough to Statuary that it doesn’t read as an entirely different stone, especially when used in a mosaic; and the Palisandro Bluette is stunning enough to stand on its own.

Palisandro Bluette  Master Bathroom

The stone tile that we used in this bathroom comes from two of our exclusive tile and stone lines: AKDO  and Artistic Tile.

The wall behind the bathtub has large windows, so to create a focal point, we installed AKDO’s Mini Brick Mosaic in Carrara. This is available in both honed and polished finishes, and the pattern is available in several varieties of stone.

Mini Brick Mosaic

(Photo Credit AKDO.com)

For the floor and the fireplace surround, we used Palisandro Bluette Marble in a polished finish. This is an Italian marble with striking veins of silver, copper, and bronze on a sparkling blue background.

Palisandro Bluette Marble

(Photo Credit Artistictile.com)


Palisandro Bluette Fireplace

In the commode room, we changed the pattern to fit the small space by installing the same tile in a herringbone pattern on the floor, and bordered it with a thin strip of Thassos marble to tie it in with the shower while helping the room to feel like a separate space.

Palisandro Bluette Herringbone Floor

We used beautiful slabs of white Statuary marble for the vanity tops as well as the custom fabricated shower surround and the free standing bench inside of the shower, which has Thassos marble in a herringbone pattern on the walls, with a decorative insert on the plumbing wall which repeats the mini brick pattern.

Palisandro Bluette Carrara and Thassos Master Shower

Palisandro Bluette Carrara and Master Thassos Shower Close Up

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