Kitchen Backsplashes with Mirror Tile

In our showroom, we have a display board of Artistic Tile’s Charleston Mirror  in a random pattern. We have a habit of making sure that it’s placed at eye level because it’s an attention grabber, because if it’s up high it appears black, and let’s be honest… Because sometimes you just need to have a reflective surface conveniently placed at eye level.

Mirrors at eye level aren’t just perfect for making sure your hair is in place or that you don’t have lunch in your teeth, but when it comes to home interiors, they are a perfect way to add luxury and glamour without obvious sparkle. There’s design science that plays into it as well, because reflective surfaces can help to make a small room appear larger, or bring a feeling of light into a space that has a lot of dark finishes.

Here are a few kitchen backsplashes we’ve come across recently and are loving. Notice how many of them incorporate other top kitchen design trends but all have timeless appeal.

A beveled edge 3×6 inch antiqued mirror tile is a great alternative to a traditional subway tile in this wet bar backsplash.

Charcoal Wet Bar with mirror subway tile

Image Credit: ML Interior Design

This white kitchen is one that we designed and installed in Salt Lake City, with a custom hand antiqued mirror in a herringbone pattern.

Calacatta gold marble and mirror kitchen 2

The large pieces of glass with heavy antiquing make this wall feel almost other-worldy, especially with the spherical light fixture placed directly in front of the mirrors.

Antique Mirror Wall

Image Credit: Dominic Schuster LTD

This is another dark kitchen with a similar tile to the one in the first photo, but look how the style of the rooms are so different, with one more transitional and one very contemporary. I love that this shows the versatility of this material.

barthelemy-ifrah-dti mirror subway

Image Credit: Barthelemy Ifrah Architects

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