Granite Countertop and Backsplash – Adding the WOW Factor

Installing elegant granite counter tops adds a touch of glass in any home. But add an equally elegant back splash that compliments your counter tops and you’ve just added the “Wow” factor to your kitchen or bathroom.

Homeowners who invest in beautiful granite or marble counter tops, but do nothing with the back splash, are cutting themselves short of really adding the elegance to a room. Adding a back splash will add additional beauty to an already good-looking counter.


Here are some suggestions when deciding on what type of back splash to select for your counter tops:

  • Tile is the most common for a back splash. With tile the patterns, color and style are endless.
  • Measure your space to determine just how much area you’ll have for a back splash. You might be surprised with just how little room you have. Map it out to plan ahead.
  • Color and texture selection. Make sure that the colors and texture are a nice match with your counter tops. They don’t necessarily need to match. Contrasts can actually work very well if contrasted correctly.
  • Get opinions from family and friends on what they think looks nice. It always helps to get other’s ideas.
  • No competition. Your counters and back splash should not compete with each other. So when determining the style, color and pattern, try for a combination that is not going to compete with your counter tops.
  • Look at a lot of pictures of counter top/back splash combinations to get some examples of a good match in color and style.
  • Seek professional advice. Lean on your European Marble and Granite representative for advice and ideas. They have extensive experience in matching up the right color and style combinations to give your room that “wow” factor.

Give European Marble and Granite a call to assist you with your next project.


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